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Don’t Trust Your Issues to a Jury

admin/ June 15, 2018/ Uncategorized

Garry Cantrell and Cantrell Mediation Group know that juries are unpredictable.  Especially when compared to finding real, fair, and equitable solutions via mediation. Stupid decisions by juries don’t require stupid jurors, though they may be, in fact, stupid—it doesn’t matter: The truth is that any particular juror’s intellect might be deemed brilliant, or average, or below average.  Some will have had successful

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Effective Mediation Requires Cultural Awareness

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Business transactions that are only about business are rarer than you might think—and the same applies to mediation and business. Awareness of aspects beyond just the business is one of the things that makes Cantrell Mediation successful for our clients. For example, several years ago I was mediating a contract dispute between two successful entrepreneurs.  Both were smart, articulate, knowledgeable,

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Jury Justice: Expensive to Lose, Hard to Get the Settlement

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Together, the risks inherent in jury trials and reversal of court decisions provide ample reason to instead mediate early and effectively. It is true that the Dallas Morning News reported some unexpectedly large Plaintiff’s verdicts in Dallas County in 2017. October saw a $26.5 million personal injury award; July saw a $1.8 million defamation verdict for a wedding photographer; and,

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Mediation is Better Than Arbitration — They are NOT the Same!

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Far too many people are losing important rights and getting poor results because they do not realize that Arbitration and Mediation are not the same. Not even close to the same. The only thing they have in common is that both offer an opportunity for dispute resolution separate and apart from traditional litigation. Mediation may often be far better for

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Mediation: The Advantage Over Juries

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Juries are unpredictable. Mediation is a great alternative. Why? It’s all about beliefs: Wrong beliefs about juries that can lead to unexpected and painful results. Nassim Nicholas Taleb wrote a book a few years ago entitled “The Black Swan” (not related to the movie of the same name). The inscription on my copy reads: “To Garry Cantrell – Beware the

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The Key to Resolution

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Mediation is a particular form of Dispute Resolution. It is often labeled Alternative Dispute Resolution, or “ADR,” because it utilizes techniques separate and apart from traditional litigation. The goal of traditional litigation is to win, to beat your opponent in a court of law. Traditional litigation is structured to treat every dispute as a contest, and in every contest there

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